Things to watch out for when booking a photography studio

When you're ready to book your photo studio time, there are a few things you should consider.

Is the photo studio space safe?

Lots of photography studios can be located in shady areas of town. Do your due diligence and map it out.

Are you being charged for nothing?

Some photo studios will include auxiliary charges just for using their fan. If they don't include a basic 2 light flash kit with their studio time, they are behind the times.

What color of photography paper rolls are available?

Be sure to ask the photo studio staff ahead of time if they have the colors you'd like to use. These are fairly cheap and for a nominal fee the photography studio should provide you with the color you need.

Is there a space for hair and makeup?

Your photo shoot may or may not need a hair and makeup artist. If you need HMU, ask the photo studio staff if they have a go-to list of artists. They usually do.


Photoshoots can get exhausting and you will sweat! If the photo studio doesn't provide water to all who are part of your project, call another studio.

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