Creepy Creepers

Be careful who you contact on your socials

The world of entertainment is full of predatory pitfalls for models, actors and such. From pay to play casting sites, all the way to our topic of the day. Creeper Directors, photographers, so-called casting agents and scums of the like who pretend to be something they are not, to get you to send scantily pictures and nudes. In some cases even opening new social media accounts with your images!

Here are some red flags you should look for when considering a casting:

-Make sure the casting call is legit by contacting the person posting. Do your research on the company or person doing the casting

-If they ask you to send an exaggerated amount of photos, or insist on seeing nude or sexual photos- NEXT. Protect your brand as a model. You don't want just anyone to have access to your images.

-If they insist on a "casting fee" up front, don't do it. A real casting gets paid when the talent gets paid.

-Some agencies insist that you use their photographers- if they charge you for it- get out! Don't pay to play

-Some castings promise you the world in the palm of your hand. Exposure, networking, connections, "taking your career to the next level." Steer clear. Legit castings, won't need to promise you more than what the job is.

If you have come across any creepers along your career, or can offer any advice for models to watch out for, share in the comments section below!

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