COVID 19 and Studio space

Recently Governor Sisolak announced businesses are to start opening again!! We're excited to welcome photographers and videographers back into our cozy space. Since renting a photography studio in Las Vegas during these times can be daunting, we've taken some steps to ensure all photographers who come to create are safe and sanitized.

1 - Limit to 8 people at a time in the space

2 - Our back office is now a dedicated hair and makeup room, giving your crew more space in the main room.

3 - Hand sanitizer is available to all, and placed in the HMU room and in the front

4 - We disinfect the space after every session with a bleach solution to ensure the photo studio is clean for your arrival.

Renting a photography studio in this climate can be scary, but rest assured our team is doing everything to make sure your photo studio rental is safe and as germ-free as possible.

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